CABEF Association is committed to eradicating Energy scarcity in the Central Africa subregion.

Through it events, CABEF brings together experts from around the world to ponder on effective strategy that will facilitate the attainment of its objectives.

Who we are

CABEF is an association of energy experts, working together with States, institutions and O&G stakeholders across Central Africa and the world, to develop energy infrastructures in the Central Africa subregion, in order to improve the life of the population and encourage economic dynamism.

our ambitions

CABEF provides a common framework for project development, infrastructure construction and access to investment opportunities as part of a regional integration effort to provide the sub-region with a sustainable energy system.


An association in the Central African sub-region which advocates for the eradication of Energy poverty in Central Africa.

CABEF Association works with strategic partners (administrations, financial institutions, major companies) to improve the socio-economic life of the people and favor industrialization.

CAPS (Central Africa Pipeline System)

Is a distribution network for natural gas and refined hydrocarbons products across the sub region. The purpose of the CAPS project is to contribute in improving the living conditions of the population and to boost the development of the industry, metallurgy and mining sector in the eleven countries of the Economic community of Central African States (ECCAS).

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Becoming a CABEF member gives you access to a wide range of opportunities reserved for CABEF members, exclusive benefits, job offers and more.

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CABEF works diligently to help develop a better energy future for Central Africa. The emergence of the sub-region will depend on the development of our resources. To do this, we will federate and bring together the various public and private stakeholders essential to the hydrocarbon industry. To support CABEF is to support a better future for Central Africa.