CABEF is an association that advocate for energy sufficiency in the subregion. It aims at providing Central Africa with state-of-the-art infrastructures to facilitate Energy production, transformation, transportation and distribution.
The creation of an association in the Central African sub-region was born from the need to advocate for the eradication of energy poverty. CABEF Association has support from Central African officials who entrust us to represent, advocate and support our energy sector, its companies, and its stakeholders.


The CENTRAL AFRICA BUSINESS ENERGY FORUM is a platform for the Central African sub-region and neighbouring nations. Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic, Sao Tome and Principe, Angola, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Chad are among the nations in Central Africa. This region has a land area of around 6,613,000 km2 and a population of more than 163,495,000 people.

The Central African sub-region and its neighbours are suffering from an energy crisis, which is impeding growth and the implementation of a high-performance industrial fabric due to the deteriorating status of existing infrastructure and the low level of investment. The sub-region’s countries have tremendous energy production potential, particularly in hydropower, biomass, and liquefied natural gas. The organization of the CENTRAL AFRICA BUSINESS ENERGY FORUM will promote exchanges and discussions to help the sub-region quickly achieve its energy objectives

Our vision

The vision of the Central Africa Business and Energy Forum (CABEF) organizers is to ensure the survival of the entire region and therefore, to do everything possible to perpetuate the production of fossil fuels, which Central Africa has in abundance.

CABEF defend and support the energy sector, its companies and workers through cooperation and excellence. CABEF connect the energy industry actors together and need to be a strategic partner of the public and private sectors in the implementation and execution of various initiatives including energy formulation and the realization of national and cross-border projects.

Under the leadership and patronage of the Chairwoman of CABEF, Nathalie Lum, we are the strategic partner of several ministries of Energy and Petroleum. CABEF promotes CAPS (Central African Pipeline System) project and enhances the national projects of the 11 ECCAS countries, encourages investment in energy sources, supports development initiatives allowing access to electricity, creates a database for job seekers in the sector,

CABEF wishes to stimulate the necessary actions and synergies to put an end to energy insecurity in the sub-region.


The major goal of the Central Africa Business Energy Forum (CABEF) is to fight vehemently for the region’s energy developpement. It is thus necessary to raise awareness as much as possible among the member states of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) of the problems that must be overcome by all (all together) so that the region can benefit from its resources for a peaceful and successful development.

Propose an institutional and legal framework for a pipeline project as a regional integration endeavor for all Central African nations to tackle energy poverty. Support the Central African Energy Pool in expanding Central Africa’s immense hydropower potential to supply all types of electricity demand within and outside the ECCAS region, through linked energy boulevards and electricity free trade markets.

By identifying potential and obstacles in Central Africa, propose an institutional and legislative framework for the development of transnational power infrastructure and intra-African energy commerce. Develop South-South relations, such as intra-African energy diplomacy (for example, Moroccan solar diplomacy or Ethiopian hydroelectric diplomacy), or collaboration between African nations and the BRICS.

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CABEF works diligently to help develop a better energy future for Central Africa. The emergence of the sub-region will depend on the development of our resources. To do this, we will federate and bring together the various public and private stakeholders essential to the hydrocarbon industry. To support CABEF is to support a better future for Central Africa.