As a major player in the energy sector in Central Africa, the Central Africa Business Energy Forum (CABEF) is organizing a webinar on April 25, 2024, on the theme: « How to make our homes more energy autonomous? ». This initiative, which will take place via video conference, is part of an approach aimed at promoting sustainable and innovative solutions to address current energy challenges.

The energy autonomy of homes has become a crucial issue in the context of energy transition and growing concern for the planet. Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and promoting renewable energy sources are key objectives to ensure a more sustainable future. It is in this perspective that CABEF is organizing a webinar on April 25 from 3:00 PM GMT to 4:00 PM local time.

During this online event, experts from the energy sector will share their expertise and experiences, while exploring different solutions to improve the energy autonomy of homes. From the implementation of photovoltaic systems to the optimization of energy management, through the use of smart technologies, participants will have the opportunity to discover best practices and the latest innovations. This initiative by CABEF includes a panel of professionals ready to provide detailed information on automation issues. To this end, renewable energy specialist David TSUANYO, with over a decade of experience in energy systems engineering and capacity building in energy technologies, will be present. He will be accompanied by Guy KOLOKO, founder and CEO of KNS Solar LLC, a strategic international energy development and project company headquartered in Texas, USA, with numerous photovoltaic solar systems installed in American markets. EGREY DOUNGOUS will also be part of the panel, a graduate in Electrical Engineering with an Energy (Power) option from the University of Ottawa in the capital of Canada; he also has an immigration consulting firm and an energy company. To conclude this panel, Madame Hassanie MANDIGUE, a civil engineering graduate from Tawara Group Inc., will be present. With this diversity, it is essential for all professionals in the sector, as well as the general public, to connect to the link that will be available soon on CABEF’s various pages to attend this virtual meeting live. It should be noted that CABEF is a meeting platform for the Central African sub-region, bringing together all member countries of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) and neighboring countries, with the aim of developing the sub-regional energy industry and establishing relations between the public and private sectors. By encouraging the development of energy-autonomous homes, the Central Africa Business Energy Forum contributes to the promotion of a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of life. Join us on April 25, 2024, to explore together the solutions that will shape the habitat of the future.