Central Africa has a significant energy potential due to its vast reserves of oil, natural gas and coal. However, despite these resources, the region remains under-represented in the global energy market. To strengthen its position in this market, Central Africa must address several challenges.


Firstly, the region needs to improve the efficiency of its energy sector by investing in infrastructure, upgrading production technologies and improving energy efficiency. This will reduce production costs, increase energy production and meet the region’s growing energy needs.

Secondly, the region needs to diversify its energy sources and further exploit low-cost energy sources such as natural gas. Natural gas is a versatile energy source that can be used in a variety of ways, ranging from power generation, compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) to power via gas cooking.

Thirdly, the region must strengthen governance in the energy sector. This means fighting energy poverty, creating common regulations, and developing energy sector employment in local communities. Good governance will increase investor confidence and encourage investment in the energy sector in Central Africa.

Finally, the region needs to strengthen regional cooperation to maximize its competitive advantages. Regional cooperation can help harmonize regulations, share infrastructure, and increase the region’s competitiveness in the global energy market. In addition, South-South cooperation can help mobilize financing for energy projects such as CAPS project (Central Africa’s first oil and gas pipeline), and develop technology partnerships to improve the performance of the energy sector in Central Africa.

In conclusion, Central Africa has the potential to strengthen its position in the global energy market by improving the efficiency of its energy sector, diversifying its energy sources, strengthening governance and enhancing regional cooperation. The benefits of investing in Central Africa’s energy sector are considerable and can contribute to the region’s economic growth and sustainable development to give it an impactful international profile.

The CABEF team