In a constantly evolving world where environmental and societal issues are becoming increasingly concerning, it is essential to recognize and value the role that women play in the energy sector. Historically underrepresented in this field, it is necessary to revisit their involvement to enhance progress with a breath of diversity and innovation.

Always present in our daily lives, energy is at the heart of our existence, and its future relies on an inclusive and balanced approach. More and more, women are embarking on energy careers, holding key positions in areas such as renewable energies, energy management, research and development, and many others. Their expertise, creativity, and unique perspectives contribute to shaping a more dynamic, competitive, and resilient sector.

As the world prepares to celebrate the 33rd International Women’s Day under the theme « Investing in Women: Accelerating the Pace, » it is important to consider revaluing women in this industry. This should not be limited to a question of diversity or equal opportunities but is also a necessity to meet the complex challenges our planet faces. Women bring complementary skills, a holistic vision, and a high sensitivity to social and environmental issues, which are essential for a successful and sustainable energy transition.

By recognizing and actively supporting the potential of women in the energy field, we are paving the way for a more inclusive, innovative, and ethical industry. Initiatives aimed at promoting women’s participation in the energy sector, such as the webinar organized by the CENTRAL AFRICA BUSINESS ENERGY FORUM (CABEF) on March 7, 2024, seek to promote women’s participation in the hydrocarbon energy trades, bridge gender gaps, and encourage female leadership to create a more promising energy future for all.

Revaluing the percentage of women’s involvement in the energy sector is imperative for a successful energy transition and for building a more sustainable and equitable future. Let’s celebrate and support the women who contribute every day to shaping a more diverse, inclusive, and prosperous energy landscape for future generations.

Nathalie LUM,
Chairwoman of CABEF.